24th International Bagpipe Festival
STRAKONICE / 25th – 28th August 2022


FESTIVAL 2020 - Canceled

Dear Friends,

In connection with the decision of the Government of Czech Republic to ban cultural events, with a view to preventing the spread of COVID-19, and according to current government regulations, valid from 8th June 2020, only up to fifty persons can take part of, City Council of Strakonice had canceled the 24th International bagpipe festival 2020.

We hardly regret it, because for this year we had a record confirmed participation of foreign ensembles and the date of opening the borders is unknown yet.

Also, from our point of view, we don´t know how other states will proceed to file travel, as the problems with this disease are considerably worse abroad then here now.

Another reason for the cancellation of the festival is also the fact that folklore groups cannot meet and rehearse properly for their performances.


We hope you will understand these reasons for this decision and together with us will look forward to see each other at next festival on 25-28 August 2022, by us, in Strakonice again.




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