22nd International Bagpipe Festival
STRAKONICE / 25th – 28th August 2016

Program on stages

A - Summer cinema

Pátek 26.08


KASACI - International opening ceremony

Opening act of 22nd International Bagpipe Festival

Directed by Zdenek Vejvoda, commentated by Michaela Vondrackova

Bands from Bulgary, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, England, Scotland and Czech Republic

Sobota 27.08


Play for me, Gaidoshka

Ethnical program of Moravian and Slovak bagpipe (there called as Gajdy) music.                        Directed and commentated by Míla Vaváček


All around the world we fly

Humorously, but instructive, instructive, but comical and first of all musical travelogue

Directed and commentated by David Pavlíček

Neděle 28.08


Galaconcert of foreign bands

Bands from 14 coutries take part at our farewell-party after 3 days of music and joy of bagpipe tunes.

Performance directed and commented by Zdeněk Vejvoda.

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