22nd International Bagpipe Festival
STRAKONICE / 25th – 28th August 2016

Program on stages

B - Castle

Úterý 02.08

09:00 - 17:00,

(od 02.08 do 28.08)

Portraits, costumes, bagpipes

Photographer: Ivana Řandová

Exhibitions of photographs from previous festivals

(Maltese Hall , TUE – SUN 9 AM – 5 PM)

09:00 - 17:00,

(od 02.08 do 28.08)

Svanda Wanted

Investigation after the legend and the legendary bagpiper

Exhibition with pictures and advertising shields

(On 25th of August at 8:00 PM guided tour with author of the exhibition Mr. Ondrej Fibich, and theatral group Celakovsky from Strakonice)

(Castle - Hall U Kata TUE – SUN 9 AM – 5 PM)

Čtvrtek 25.08

09:00 - 17:00,

(od 25.08 do 25.09)

Historical bagpipe, an instrument of Kings and beggars

Historical bagpipes, renewed and fixed with a help of iconography from 13th till 17th century

Author Mag. Miroslav Vavacek

(Castle – Museum - open daily 9AM - 5PM)


J. K. Tyl: Bagpiper of Strakonice or Wild women feast

A traditional "Bagpiper story", performed by theatrical group Celakovsky from Strakonice.

Director Václav Novák

Pátek 26.08

09:00 - 22:00,

(od 26.08 do 28.08)

Old-bohemian fair

Together with Saturday´s program full of Mediterranean bagpipers and dancers there will be a small square and lane, full of Italian delights, coffee, pizzas, pasta,wine and sweet by the St.Margaret church


Let´s sing with Pracheňáček, or We are looking forward to bagpipers

Young musicians and dancers sing and dance with and for childern

Directed and commentated by Jaroslav Bašta

Práchňáček and bagpipers of elementary art schools in Strakonice and Blatná


(od 26.08 do 28.08)

European meeting of bagpipe manufacturers

III. courtyard


Medieval bagpipe in a castle and around

Thundering drums a medieval bagpipes play the staring role at this thrilling program.

On the stage are bands from Germany (Spilwut), Slovakia (Spojené huky Slovenska), Netherlands (Hailander) and Czech Republic (Del Gratia, Aiwa! tribe, Peregrin)

Directed by Míla Vaváček, commentated by Miroslav Valha

Sobota 27.08


What happens if I don´t get married this year?

Familiar ceremony in Strakonice and surroundings is a theme for bagpipers and dancers from Strakonice and surroundings.

Directed by Irena Novotná, commentated by Irena Novotná and Jaroslav Bašta


Bagpipes manufacturer presenting their products

In the III. courtyard


After one hundred years is Čeněk Zíbrt back in Strakonice

Reconstruction of national-revivalist program, originaly called as "Bagpipe Meeting"  With this program was Czech and Moravian bagpipe music newly rediscovered after the end of World War I

Directed and commentated by: Jan Kouba and Zdeněk Duda

(Knight´s hall)


Dance show of foreign bands

Folk dances from European regions

Directed and commentated by Zdenšk Vejvoda


If the little critters play, they sing with our kids today

(repetition of program from 14:30)

(Maltese hall)


Czech bagpipers meet under Rumpal tower

Directed by Josef Kuneš, commentated by Josef Kuneš and Kamil Jindřich


Flaming bagpipes

Night show with medieval bagpipes, wild rock music and flames

Directed by Mila Vavacek, commentated by Miroslav Valha

Feitel (AUT), Clamortis (CZ), Gnomus Electric (CZ), Firelovers (CZ), Aurum (CZ)

Neděle 28.08


Matinée of foreign ensembles

Chamber bands play and remember Neil Smith, The Big Bagpiper with a small bagpipes

Direction: Irena Novotná, accompanying comment: Irena Novotná and Roman Novák

Memories coming from bands from Croatia, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Scotland and England


Historical bagpipe, an instrument of Kings and beggars

Historical bagpipes, renewed and fixed with a help of iconography from 13th till 17th century

A lecture, guided by author Mag. Miroslav Vavacek

(Castle – Museum)


Galaconcert of foreign bands

Bands from 14 coutries take part at our farewell-party after 3 days of music and joy of bagpipe tunes.

Performance directed and commented by David Pavlíček.

Změna programu vyhrazena.