We invite you to the bagpipe festival!

Dear friends of bagpipes, bagpiping and folklore, we are very happy to can invite you to 24th International Bagpipe Festival in Strakonice 2020. On 23rd of August we start and than we follow on four stages till August 26th, and exactly on that day we start to work on the next, and we hope very special 25th International Bagpipe Festival. As you could enjoy in the last two venues, we want to show you a colourful mixture of programe from important and sometimes newly explored countries. Influences do not know any borders. We hope to see all of you by us and are looking forward to enjoy beautiful moments together again. So do not forget to highlight the right dates in your calendar and come to us!

Also in our todays world, the bagpipes have their importance, and so at the festival one can see not only people of every age playing folklore, but also pipers playing historical and rock music.

The festival, first of all, should create an occasion on which musicians, dancers and singers from the whole of Europe meet with visitors and spectators. They meet not only during the shows and presentations, but also in the streets and taverns, having fun and talking without regard to language barriers.  Old friends meet or new friendships  start in an incomparable atmosphere. National, linguistic, economic and intellectual differences become effaced, which - I believe so - also contributes to rapprochement among the European nations.

The preparations for every new edition of the festival are carried out by a team of impassioned and enthusiastic people. Even though our work is tough, all of us derive pleasure from it.

We would like to share this pleasure with you and this is why we invite all of you to visit the International Bagpipe Festival in Strakonice. Our team and all performers and players are looking forward to see you.